Man Cave Décor: F-4 Landing Gear Wall Sculpture

Apparently, there’s a way to salvage parts of decommissioned military jets, which I didn’t even know was an option in life. And it makes me sad that I didn’t devote my days to that pursuit. So color me jealous that some dude was actually lucky enough to salvage a whole load of landing gear doors from retired military F4 phantom jets, then refurbished them into these F-4 Landing Gear Wall Sculptures that inject a dose of aviation-inspired aesthetics into your digs.

Each door can be displayed upright like an actual door as well as hung sideways via the integrated armature. When set up sideways, it can double as a shelf of sorts, allowing you to use it as a display case for your Parrot Mini-Drones, aviation books or your prized framed picture of Justin Bieber, whichever is most appropriate to your situation.

Made by Ward Wallau, every F-4 Landing Gear Wall Sculpture is made from an authentic landing gear door from the iconic aircraft used by US armed forces between 1958 and 1981, which is restored into spiffy shape before being polished to a mirror finish. Construction is pure aluminum for the doors, with dimensions of 23 x 34 inches.

Only 32 of the F-4 Landing Gear Wall Sculptures have been made, each one individually-numbered with a certificate of authenticity. It’s available now at Uncommon Goods, priced at $2,400.

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