F1-Inspired Formula Chair Gets You Racing Comforts Without The Bulk


Most any merchandise tied with F1 Racing typically looks busy or complicated.  Even something as simple as a jacket usually gets decked with a ton of innovative design cues and loaded with a never-ending supply of little details.  Don’t even get me started on home fixtures – carbon fiber and spare parts, anyone?

The Formula.Chair spares us from all the elaborate intricacies and dons an F1-inspired chair that’s as simple as can be.  It’s so unembellished, in fact, that you might even mistake it for one of those cheap plastic seaters you can find at Target.  If you make the mistake of leaving one at your grandparents’ house, I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw it in the bin, along with all the used clothes to give to charity.

In truth, though, the ultra-thin chairs mimic the shape of molded bucket seats found in F1 racing cars, while discarding everything else.  The result is a contoured seat that provides the same unique comfort that racers enjoy inside their vehicles, with none of the other accoutrements that bulk it up.  Lightweight and stackable, they can easily be stored in a corner and taken out whenever needed.

Designed by Matthias Demacker and produced by Area DeClic, the Formula.Chair is available in various colors and can be bought with custom upholstery, in case the bare-basics frame does nothing for you.

[Area DeClic via Minimalismi]