F1Showcar Motion Simulator Lets You Virtual Drive A Real Formula Car


Time to face reality – you just don’t have what it takes to ever drive an F1 car. Hell, you can’t even parallel park without a near-accident. Still, who’s to say you’ll never be that good?  With the F1Showcar Motion Simulator, you’ll get a chance to prove your mettle.

Like other video game racing simulators, the F1Showcar involves a stationary car, a mechanized platform, some driving controls, software and a large display. In this case, they’re using a full-size Formula One replica, complete with fiberglass composite bodywork, custom paint scheme and graphics. It rocks authentic F1 tires, racing bucket seats, steering wheel and pedal system, to bring you as close as possible to the illusion of running laps with the best drivers in the world.

The system is built on a pneumatically-powered motion platform for life-like vehicle motions and requires drivers to be relatively average in size (hey, behemoths can’t really race a Formula car), only carrying those up to 6’2” tall and weighing around 200 lbs. It runs the rFactor racing simulation software, with the output displayed on an LCD screen.

Specs list the display panel as 19-inches, which is an odd choice, considering this thing sounds like it’s trying to recreate the F1 experience in as souped-up a manner as possible. However, I’m pretty sure that’s the starting configuration, with LCD upgrades easily available (if you can fork up the extra bills for it).

Even with the cheapest screen option on board, the F1Showcar Motion Simulator still sells for an extremely steep $44,900.  Looks like one hell of a life-like simulator from the pictures, though.

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