Fabian Oefner’s Disintegrating II Shows Five New Cars In Mid-Disassembly


Like a lot of folks appear to be, we’re big fans of exploded product pictures – you know, those images that show you a product’s individual components as if it’s magically disassembling in front of your eyes. Renowned Swiss photographer applied that same treatment to cars with a series back in 2013. A while back, he added to the collection with Disintegrating II, which showcases five extra cars in exploded product form.

As with the original series, the artist started each piece out by sketching the planned image with a pen and paper. From there, he took apart the components each car piece by piece, from the body panels to the engine parts to every single screw. Then, he started photographing each component one by one, each of which is held in the desired angle using needles and strings. The individual photographs are then blended together in post-production, creating the stunning-looking results.


Disintegrating II consists of five images, each one depicting a 1957 Maserati 250F, a 1936 Auto Union Type C, a 1969 Ford GT40, a Bugatti 57 SC, and a Porsche 956. According to the artist, each image takes around two months and over 2,000 photographs to finish, which, we imagine, comes accompanied with a few dozen headaches for whoever has to put that car back together without a single screw missing.


Disintegrating II is sold in two sizes: 140 x 70 cm and 230 x 115 cm. Do note, the prints are limited edition (they’re only making a total of 15), so they’re expensive as heck, with prices starting at $3,756.

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