The Friend Poster Puts Your Facebook Friends On An Offline Display

Thanks to Facebook, you now have thousands of internet friends.  Too bad you can’t brag about it to your friends who have sworn off social networking.  Oh wait, you actually can with the The Friend Poster, which puts the profile pictures of up to 2,000 of your Facebook friends on a photographic print poster you can stick up on your living room wall.

Designed to hold anywhere from 200 to 2,000 profile photos, it lets you keep an offline memento of your favorite Facebook contacts.  You can show it off to your mom, hang it on your bedroom door or keep it on your desk to cheer you up, in case the office removed access to all social networking sites.  It’s just like being on Facebook, after all, except nothing ever happens.

The Friend Poster is a photographic print (made using the RA-4 photochemical process), measuring a huge 20 x 40 inches.  It uses high-quality professional grade paper (Fuji Crystal Archive) with real weight, so it doesn’t rip or fold quickly.

Size of each picture will vary, depending on how many you want to add.  You can control margin size, as well as the space between each photo.  Four background colors are available: black, white and two shades of Facebook’s trademark blue.

Do note that minimum number of profiles should be 200, so better start friending strangers in case you need to get your total up.  The Friend Poster is available now for $20 each.

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