Factor 001, A High-Tech Bicycle That Retails For Over 30 Grand


Ever wondered what the most technically-advanced bike looks like?  As things turns out, it appears no different from any regular bike you can walk off the corner shop with.  Called the Factor 001, the very high-tech, $34,000 pedal pusher boasts “unprecedented efficiency, responsiveness and durability.”  At that price, it better.

Created by Formula One engineers at Bf1 Systems, the bike prides itself in being built “without compromise.”  That means they spared no feature, going as far as ignoring regulations set forth by the UCI (the cycling sport’s governing body).  Yep, you’re not going to officially race this, but you’re going  to leave everyone in the trail behind anyway.


The Factor 001 sports a lightweight and highly-rigid carbon fibre monocoque frame, with a unique twin-vein architecture that helps it adjust to conform to each rider’s particular measurements and preferred riding position.  That same frame houses the bike’s load sensors, wiring, batteries, control cables and lines, all away from sight, making it look no more than a regular bicycle body.   Notable features include Shimano Di2 electronic gear shift, optional carbon ceramic disc brakes and a few weird-sounding tech (such as aluminum cranks with an “embedded wireless torque system” that’s used in F1 driveshafts).

As gadget-heavy as a bike can get, it comes with a multi-channel electronics package that collects, logs and analyzes loads of data.  You can access everything from a customizable interface on the touchscreen LCD that’s mounted along the handlebar.  Designed for training (since it won’t qualify for races), you can download all data it records for your post-ride analysis.

Sure, $34,000 for a bike sounds like crazy money.  Funny enough, that’s just the starting price for the Factor 001.  The fully tricked-out version will damage you a clean $42,000.  Limited availability begins in April.

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