Fading Mirror Adds An Instant Smoky Border To Your Mirror Selfies

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish the scene you were looking at was more dramatic?  I mean, everyday life is great and all, but it does get boring as heck.  To add a little drama to your surroundings, you need special effects and that’s exactly what this Fading Mirror brings.

Designed by Thomas Eurling for ENO Studio, it’s a standing mirror with a smoky, fading effect along the edges.  That way, your reflected image will look like it’s standing amidst a dream-like scene straight out of a Disney fairy tale movie.  And, yes, you’re the princess in that movie (no, it doesn’t matter that you’re a dude).

When stood right in front of a wall, the Fading Mirror looks like it’s a portal to another dimension, kinda like your very own Stargate.   You can use it to travel across space and time, exploring habitable planets and discovering alien cultures.  Of course, there’s also a possibility that portal can just lead you to hell, which will probably make it great as part of your decorations for Halloween.   Fortunately, though, it’s really just a mirror, so you can use it to admire your swag while you get dressed for work in the morning without worrying about getting sucked into another dimension.  It stands a little under five feet tall and two feet wide (which would have been a perfect size for a mystical portal), with your choice of either black or white fading effects that creep up from the edges.

The Fading Mirror is available now, priced at $690.

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