Just Add Water To Unleash The Monsters On These Fairy Tale Drinking Glasses


When empty, these Fairy Tale Drinking Glasses look like simple transparent glasses illustrated with scenes from a fairy tale.   And they’re cute. Once the glass is filled with water, however, they get even more adorable, making the evil characters look bigger for a more accurate representation.

Designed by Yoshie Watanabe for D-Bros, the glassware comes in two designs: one with Snow White facing an evil witch holding an apple and another with Little Red Riding Hood facing the Big, Bad Wolf. Prints of both the protagonist and the antagonist measure the same size, with the latter appearing considerably larger after water is poured into the chamber.


The Fairy Tale Drinking Glasses use the simple principle of refraction to magnify the print on the other side of the glass and turn the antagonists into much more formidable adversaries. Each of the drinking vessels measure 3.4 inches in diameter and 4.6 inches tall, making them a good size to use for kids. Of course, you have to make sure they’re holding the glass with the hero directly on the side facing them. Otherwise, they’ll end up staring at a giant Alice or a giant Snow White terrorizing their foes, which probably ruins the fairy tale.


Both designs of the Fairy Tale Drinking Glasses are available from Spoon & Tamago for $33. They’re currently listed as sold out, but will likely be back in stock sometime soon.

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