This Canon Lookalike Caoon DSLR Is Actually A USB Speaker/Music Player

Got a family member dropping hints about getting a DSLR for a present?  Break their hearts and crush their spirits with this: a USB speaker and music player that looks like one.  Evil.

Sure, it looks terribly plastic, which makes it look more like a toy DSLR than an actual one.   Still, we can imagine this fooling most people at first glance.  Especially when it’s wrapped neatly and given to a loved one who’s been begging you for one the last few months.

The Cool Canon SLR-Shaped USB Speaker doesn’t just take on an actual shooter’s shape, it’s got plenty of details to trick untrained eyes, too.  Heck, the back even has a fake LCD with a dummy color display, along with a plethora of knobs and buttons (most of which, of course, do nothing).

While it can’t shoot photos, the unit does make for a functional desktop speaker, with audio input for a 3.5mm jack, as well as support for SD cards and USB sticks (it will play MP3 and WMA files directly).   The big downside here is it needs four AA batteries for power.  Umm… apart from the fact that it’s a fake DSLR, of course.

Granted, whoever receives this unfortunate gift may end up hating you forever. The good news is, that’s one less person to shop for on your Christmas list.   The Cool Canon SLR-Shaped USB Speaker is available now, priced at $67.45.