Fallout Series Pip-Boy Die-Cast Replica Brings the Wastelands to Your Wrist

By all accounts, the Fallout series is a big hit for both Wasteland veterans and newcomers alike. In fact, the series is such a hit that old Fallout games ended up returning to the sales charts in the last couple of weeks. Consequently, Bethesda’s merch department is hard at work with a slew of new gear to let you take home a piece of the Wastelands, including this Fallout Series Pip-Boy Die-Cast Replica to help guide you in your own adventurous quests.

Yes, they made another wearable Pip-Boy merch just like they did each time a new Fallout game came out. This one, though, is based specifically on the Personal Information Processor used in the series, so you can take to the Wastelands like Lucy in all her “okie-dokie” glory.

The Fallout Series Pip-Boy Die-Cast Replica is a 1:1-scale replica of the prop used in the show and it’s completely wearable, so you can use it as part of your vault dweller cosplay or just walk around your local city wearing the nerdiest digital watch anywhere in sight. It’s made from injection-molded ABS with a die-cast aluminum casing out front, which should give it quite a bit of heft, complete with memory foam at the cuffs, so it should wear pretty comfortably around your wrist.

It comes with a TFT LCD screen clad to look like the Fallout universe’s monochrome green CRT displays and, naturally, can be used as a wristwatch for all your daily timekeeping needs. There’s also an FM tuner onboard, so you can use it to listen to your local radio stations, although there’s no mention of any Bluetooth, so it probably plays the tunes on a built-in speaker. What makes it special, of course, is the inclusion of 45 different screens taken directly from the Pip-Boys used in the show, allowing it to feel like a real object straight of the Fallout universe’s post-apocalyptic Wastelands.

The Fallout Series Pip-Boy Die-Cast Replica has a dial on the side that allows you to switch through the different available screens, so you interact with it similar to the way the characters do in the show. The clock screen is designed to resemble the ay it appears in the Fallout universe, too, so everything feels authentic to the Pip-Boys used all throughout the franchise’s various installments. It even comes with a desk stand that you can use to dock the Pip-Boy at home, allowing you to use it as a desk clock, whether in the bedroom nightstand or a living room side table. And it has an alarm clock, so you can wake up to the sounds of a Pip-Boy first thing in the morning.

No word on how long the rechargeable battery on this thing lasts. Given that it sticks with a monochrome output and premade animated screens, though, it hopefully lasts for a full day of use. It’s made by The Wand Company, by the way, who have made some of the better Fallout merch in the past.

The Fallout Series Pip-Boy Die-Cast Replica is now available for preorder, priced at $199.

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