Fanbrella Umbrella Shields You From Sun, Cools You With Fan


Umbrellas aren’t just for rainy days.  During summer months when the sun is scorching, they’re plenty useful for keeping those hot rays from making you boil and spontaneously combust (hey, you never know).  The Fanbrella does them one better by integrating a motorized cooling fan right under the canopy.

Delivering twice the summertime service, it keeps you under shade and blows a breeze of air to help you keep cool under the sun.  Yes, it will repel water, too, so you can use it for rainy day protection just like your aerodynamic Senz umbrella.

The Fanbrella’s superpower comes in the form of a three-blade fan right in the center area, under the canopy.  Turned on using a button at the bottom of the handle, the fan will rotate at 650 rpm, creating a “refreshing downdraft” (we’re assuming that’s a good thing).  Six AA batteries are required for operation, which can keep the fan running for up to 5.5 hours straight.

Canopy is made from polyester material and measures 57.5 inches in diameter.  Designed for summer use, it features a PVC backing that blocks 98.6% of UV rays, which the product page claims to be the highest protection attainable.  The umbrella’s  shaft and ribs are all constructed from plastic to avoid rust, with the fan blades collapsing right with the canopy when you close the assembly, so it operates just like any regular rainy day accessory.

Ever seen one of those visors with a fan installed?  Yeah, it looks stupid.  The Fanbrella avoids the same fate for two reasons: you don’t wear it and the fan is creatively hidden under the canopy.  It’s a pretty clever combo creation that you can get from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $79.95.

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