Fanny Pack On Steroids – The Superhero Belt


With a name like the Superhero Belt, you’d expect this utility accessory from Fabric Horse to bring along a set of Batman-worthy crime-fighting talents.  It doesn’t.  Instead, the wearable bag is a tool belt of sorts for cyclists, allowing them to carry a full set of bicycle favors right around their waist.

Just like a fanny pack on steroids, it straps (with Velcro) right along the belt line, adding a bevy of pockets and other storage panels to your outfit.  They do look just about as geeky as fanny packs do, despite the creators trying their hardest to make them less disastrous to your social reputation.

Made from sections (either canvas or nylon, depending on the model) mounted on old car seatbelts, the Superhero comes in different colors and styles, each one rocking a slight variety in size and storage configurations.  They come with different types of pockets (zippered, Velcro closures, etc), pouches and loops, as well as a seemingly-standard U-Lock holder along the back.  From what we can tell, you should be able to load up a full range of bike tools in there, including  inner-tubes, wrenches and patch kits, along with your usual carry-on items, like cell phones and wallets.

If you’re not a cyclist, but a wannabee superhero, you should be able to fit in a good range of your rig there, too.  There should be enough space for some regulation daggers, Ninja blades and a long rope, among a few other stuff.  Heck, I’m pretty certain a boomerang can fit (somewhat) into the U-Lock loop, in case you’ve been pining to carry one of those things along.

Each Superhero Belt model comes in small, medium and large sizes (depending on how fat of a bicycling MacGyver you are), with prices ranging from $80 to $120.

[Fabric Horse]