Ultra-Slim Fantom Wallet Keeps Not Just Cards, But Cash, Keys, Coins, And More


We’re big fans of the current crop of slim case-style wallets, which minimize the bulk in your pocket while carrying your cards and cash in a highly-convenient manner. Much as we appreciate the slim, convenient profile, though, the lack of versatility in the kind of things they can carry make them unsuitable for some days you need to carry something else in your wallet. That won’t be a problem with the Fantom Wallet.

Unlike other card wallets that can carry just cards and a few folded bills, the wallet can be customized to carry coins, keys, receipts, and memory cards just like a regular billfold. It does that while measuring no thicker than a small stack of cards, too, ensuring it takes up way less space on your pocket than your smartphone.


The Fantom Wallet comes in three sizes: one that fits up to seven cards, one that holds up to 10, and a third one that can accommodate up to 13. Designed for one-handed access, the top card can be easily slid out with a quick push of the thumb, while a lever on the lower right side causes the cards to fan out for easy access to the exact one you need. It comes with integrated RFID and NFC blocking, too, so your cards will be protected so long as they are retracted.


If you need to carry more than cards, the wallet can be ordered with an integrated money clip for bills and an integrated coin slot that can accommodate coins, keys, and other small items. It comes in four anodized aluminum colors, with a fifth option in carbon fiber.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Fantom Wallet. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at CAD $64.

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