Farmer’s Fridge: A Vending Machine That Sells Fresh Produce

We normally associate vending machine with cheap junk food, dispensing candy bars, sodas, chips, and even pizza. But who says it can’t be used for purchasing fresh vegetables, too? That’s exactly what Farmer’s Fridge peddles.

Billed as a “veggie machine,” it’s a refrigerated (all produce is kept in ideal temperatures) vending machine that sells nothing but fresh salads. Everything is made on the same day, with the machine getting a new batch every 10AM (all unsold salads from the previous day are donated to a local food pantry).

The Farmer’s Fridge comes with a transparent panel, so you can see exactly how the salads in the racks look like. It accepts all major credit cards, with a touchscreen interface, a barcode scanner (for discount coupons), and email receipts, making for a super-convenient kiosk to do your daily salad shopping. Unlike most vending machines with cabinets clad in metal and plastic, the salad-dispensing kiosk’s cabinet is built from reclaimed wood, creating for a uniquely warm aesthetic. The company claims the kiosk uses up only $10 worth of electricity a month. Like knowing what you eat? Not a problem, as all nutrition and ingredient information for the salads are posted in the menu along the side of the cabinet.

As of now, Farmer’s Fridge has launched their first kiosk at the Garvey Food Court in Chicago. They’re also actively seeking new locations. If you’re interested in setting one up, you can get in touch directly from the company website.

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