Can I Have An Alphabetical Keyboard With Designated Chat Buttons Like BRB, LOL And More


Is having to type LOL, THX and BRB starting to feel like a chore to you?  I mean, why can’t you just press one key and have it automatically write BTW onscreen, right?   Now, you can stop feeling irked with the Fast Fingers Keyboard, an ugly-looking PC peripheral that integrates IM abbreviations on the function keys.

Seriously, who has time to type three capital  letters anymore?  Not whoever invented this ugly red keyboard, that’s for sure.  In fact, who even has the time to learn to type anymore?  No one.  That’s why the Fast Fingers Keyboard gives you the option to use an alphabetical keyboard layout.  Yep – starting with ABC on the left hand corner, down to XYZ on the lower right end.


Hunt and peck typists are supposed to rejoice about the elementary letter sequence, which eliminates the need to scan through a QWERTY layout just to type a search for bikini pictures of Giselle Bunchen on Google Images.  I’m an advanced hunt-n-pecker myself, having done it for over a decade, and I can attest that I probably would have bought one when I was in high school.   Still, I’m not sure about a real market for an alphabetical keyboard, though.

Apart from the alphabetical layout and chat-speak shortcuts, the Fast Fingers Keyboard also comes with a QWERTY mode (which changes the layout to the more traditional sequence), media playback buttons and a couple of application shortcut buttons.  Sure, it’s not the coolest keyboard in the world, but it sure would look funny when the A to Z sequence just ends up confusing more people.

It’s available for $22.99 and should make a fine gift to your favorite one-handed typing school dropout.

[Fast Finger Keyboards via Kotaku]