Use The Fast Strike Whip To Hurt Attackers Quickly


It looks like those long antennas on an old-school walkie-talkies. The Fast Strike Whip, however, isn’t a communication tool. Instead, this antenna-like contraption is a non-lethal self-defense weapon that’s designed for quick deployment, so you can quickly hurt an attacker and make your escape.

No, this isn’t a telescoping whip like your car antenna. Because, you know, pulling out a telescoping rod to full length takes precious time. Instead, the darn thing is, basically, a short whip that you can conceal under your pants, so it’s already deployed and ready to do harm as soon as you pull it out.


The Fast Strike Whip consists of a grooved handle and a 13-inch whip with a weighted spring steel tip that you can use to whack attackers in the face. The body of the whip, by the way, is made from spring steel and high-strength stainless steel cable, so it’s very strong while staying very flexible. Do note, you’re not supposed to hit the attacker with the length of the whip – instead, you’re supposed to touch them with the striking tip, which, when swung correctly, can focus a significant amount of force on a small area on your target, ensuring that every strike you throw counts.

According to the outfit, whipping this using nothing but wrist action can generate a good amount of force that’s enough to sting when you hit an attacker in a vulnerable part of the body. If you want maximum damage, however, they recommend a proper whipping motion that involves your arm and shoulder.  From what we can tell, trying to hit them in the face and neck areas should produce the best results, while swinging this at the legs and torso might not produce enough of a deterrent. I mean, it looks like one of those whips you can buy at an adult store.

Because the Fast Strike Whip extends 13 inches from the handle, you can use it to maintain a decent amount of distance from the attacker, while the slim profile should make it a lot harder to grab. Do note, when the attacker gets close enough to grab you, the whip will probably prove a lot useful. In those situations, the butt end of the handle can be used as a vicious striking tool, as it’s been specifically shaped and reinforced for use in close-quarter combat.

A clip on the handle allows you to easy attach it to your pants’ waistline or belt, although the whip will be hanging out in plain sight the entire time, which, let’s be honest, probably isn’t a good idea. You can, however, clip it on the waistline while keeping the whip under the pants, so it’s concealed from sight. Our suggestion: don’t wear skinny jeans if you plan to carry this thing that way. Alternatively, the whip can be worn like a belt (clip the handle to a belt loop and insert the length of the whip in other loops) for easy deployment.

The Fast Strike Whip is available now.

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