Perfume Makes You Smell Like A Fat Electrician

Men who spray on a fragrance typically try to smell more elegant and dapper.  You know, somebody like George Clooney on a perfect Monday morning.  If your childhood hero was always the greasy, hairy blue collar dude who romanced all the lonely housewives in the neighborhood, though, you probably need a different stink — something like Etat Libre d’Orange’s Fat Electrician.

Designed to smell like “white vetiver splattered on the asphalt of Times Square,” the retail page claims it mixes earthy aromas with a sweet smoky odor.  Which, we assume, should smell similar to a sweaty shirt that has gone unwashed for four days.  You know, serious pheromone central.

The Fat Electrician uses the aromatic oil, vetiver, as base, mixed in with vanilla, opoponax and myrrh.  Scent creator Antoine Maisondieu calls it a “unique and surprising take on vetiver.”  Us?  We just love the name and wish that it smells just as ridiculously unseemly as the moniker suggests.

If you ever found yourself muttering, “Why do fat electricians get all the chicks…,” you can stop now.  They say sex appeal is in the scent and, if that’s true, you’ll be rocking the hotness in spades with a splash of this fragrance, which one reviewer has dubbed as “sharp, rooty vetiver with Sandalwood….perfect for winter.”  That’s at least good for as much sex appeal as an overweight dude who fixes busted outlets exude.

A 50ml bottle of Etat Libre d’Orange’s Fat Electrician costs $80.  Sample 0.7ml containers go for $3.

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