Fat Gripz Make Weight Training Exercises More Challenging

Unlike most people who buy gym equipment for their home, you actually use yours.  In fact, you suspect you’ve already outgrown your current set of free weights and you’re looking for a way to vary your workouts.  These Fat Gripz could help with that.

Designed to create the effect of a thicker bar, these wraps slot around the handles of your barbells and dumbbells, forcing you to perform a more challenging grip.  That way, you can get a different workout from what you normally get, all while using the exact same equipment you’ve had before.

Measuring 5 inches long and 2.25 inches thick, Fat Gripz can wrap around most any bar, instantly turning regular equipment into thick-handled rigs.   You’re not limited to using them with barbells and dumbbells — in fact, you can use them to add a tougher grip to most any gym equipment, from chin-up bars to cable handles to that Roman Chair you perform your dips on.  While a larger circumference sounds like a minor tweak, it could be just the change you need, as such grip supposedly helps target muscles that you don’t normally put to work using conventional handles.

According to the product page, the wraps will more than double the thickness of any bar, so you’ll immediately feel the impact in your workouts.  And don’t worry about the wraps flying loose, as these wraps don’t just wrap — they clamp onto the bar, ensuring a tight and secure hold the entire time.

Amazon has the Fat Gripz available, priced at $45 a pair.