Fatboy Metahlowski, A Beanbag Chair For Grownups


Like most of us, you probably left the beanbags in the dorm room when you finished college, resolved never to let them into your adult life ever again.  That won’t be the case if the Fatboy Metahlowski, a line of bean bags that marries sophistication with comfort, can help it.

While classier than your usual Fatboy fare, the Jukka Setala-designed chair is as lazy as the same beanbags that you rolled around in during college.  The only difference is, it probably won’t be as embarrassing when you bring home a date you met at a business convention.  At least, that’s what they’re hoping for.


The Fatboy Metahlowski upgrades the humble yet iconic beanbag with fine Italian fabric and sophisticated colors, such as gold, silver and titanium.  Shape and measurements (55 x 70 inches), along with the cylindrical EPS fillers, remain the same as regular Fatboy floor loungers, but the resulting look is totally different.

A beanbag for adults?  Yes it is and it looks completely at home in a three-bedroom house with a front porch.  After all, old people need utmost comfort when playing on their Xbox 360s too (face it, you’re not young anymore).

Luxury beanbags?  That sounds like a lame joke, but it’s exactly the niche that the Fatboy Metahlowski hopes to find itself in.  It’s available now for $399.

[Fatboy via Cool Material]