Use Febo To Engrave Objects Using Nothing But Sunlight


You love engraving items on wood, leather, and other materials, relying on your trusted CAD software and laser engraver to do the deed. But what happens when the apocalypse hits and the entire world is off the grid, how do you engrave your gear then? Add the Febo to your stash of tools to ensure that never happens.

Described as a “wooden paintbrush,” it lets you engrave words, images, and patterns on any object using nothing but natural sunlight. No lights, lasers, or power necessary – just step outside during the day and start etching your designs by hand onto your canvas of choice.


Febo consists of a powerful magnifying glass cast within a wooden frame sized for one-handed use. Designed to concentrate sunlight into a tiny point, you simply move it over the material you’re engraving, using the focused light like a pencil tip in order to draw your image onto the canvas. It works on wood, leather, cork, and other materials, with the ability to function as long as there’s a clear sky. Each one comes with an acrylic safety disk that covers the glass when not in use, so you don’t accidentally end up burning stuff while you’re out.


While you can use the Febo to draw items directly, the creators recommend sketching out designs to ensure you get them right. Each one even comes with a set of stencils that you can trace if you don’t have a lot of skills in the drawing department.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Febo. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $69.

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