Federal Maple Set Puts As Much Wood As You Can On A Knife

The idea of wooden knives is ridiculous.  Unless you only plan to use it for slicing cakes and similarly soft pastries, it just won’t work.  But what if you used wood for everything but the edges?  The result, as it turns out with Federal’s Maple Set, are functional but exceptionally gorgeous pieces of cutlery.

Instead of just being decorative pieces (like the Panorama Knives), the cutting instruments are meant to be used for actual food preparation.  Not only are the edges bladed sharp, the wooden parts are also sealed to ensure easy and hygienic cleanup.

As the name implies, the knives in the Federal Maple Set are made from maple wood using a single-piece slab that extends from the handle to the knife body.  Two knives come in the set: a standard chef’s knife and a meat cleaver.  The sharp strip of steel edge is actually twice the visible width — the rest of the blade is secured inside the wooden panel to ensure it holds tight during use.  Wood, obviously, will be incredibly lighter than a regular knife, although the project page claims its weight is more balanced than the appearance suggests.

Will it work the same way as an actual knife?  We’re guessing not as well.  Still, if you want knives as decorative as they are almost-functional, this should satisfy the need like a total boss.

Unfortunately, the Federal Maple Set is only a prototype for now, with no immediate plans for production.  Nice concept, though — one I definitely won’t mind having around the kitchen.

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