Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars: Same Great Sound In Compact Travel Size

Travel guitars and folding guitars have long been the instrument of choice for those wishing to bring a convenient six-string on the road.  And for most people, they’re good enough.  But you don’t want any guitar, you want a Fender.  And Fender didn’t really have folding six-strings in their inventory.  At least, not until now with the Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars.

Finally, you don’t have to make a compromise between a guitar with a short neck, a weird-shaped travel model, and an unknown brand’s folding six-string.   Instead, you can get Fender’s world-famous sound with a full-size guitar that folds down to half the length for convenient travel.

Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars use Voyage-Air’s patented hinge neck design that allows the instruments to compact in a much shorter bundle that makes it easier to carry, store, and even travel by plane with (it can now fit in overhead compartments).  A locking bolt keeps the neck in place so the instrument stays in proper form when playing; to fold, simply twist the bolt to release the neck from the body.

The initial release comes in two models, CD-60 and CD-140S, both of which can fold at the neck heel towards the body of the instrument for housing in their owned specially-designed gig bags.  Both instruments get solid spruce tops with quartersawn standard X bracings, mahogany back and sides, mahogany necks, and 20-fret rosewood fingerboards.

Both models of the Fender Folding Acoustic Guitars are available now, priced at $1,000 for the CD-140S and $1,100 for the CD-60, respectively.

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