Ferno Stand Alone Grill Has Height-Adjustable Gas Burners For More Versatile Function


Gas grills are great, since they let you raise and lower the cooking temperature with the simple turn of a knob. That allows for some versatile grilling possibilities. The Ferno Stand Alone Grill further expands those possibilities by adding the ability to adjust the gas burners to sit at different heights.

That’s right, this grill lets you lower the burners away from the food or raise it to put the food in direct contact with the flames, giving you even more options in the way you can cook stuff in the grill. Want to give the chicken a heavy sear for a couple minutes, then pull the heat source way down to finish up the meat without burning the outside? Yes, this thing can do it. How about cooking those ribs slowly by lowering the flame before raising it higher to give it a charred finish? Yep, this will handle all that and more.


The Ferno Stand Alone Grill manages this clever innovation by the use of a patented “firewheel,” a literal wheel at the front of the grill’s body that you can use to adjust the height of the burners. It uses a chain-driven burner jack system for the height adjustment, which can move the burners anywhere within a 7-inch range, giving it quite a generous amount of vertical travel.  All three of its 18-gauge 304 stainless steel burners move along that range in unison, by the way, so everything on the grill will cook evenly.

Apart from that unique “firewheel” mechanism, everything about this backyard appliance looks built to provide some serious grilling chops. For instance, it uses cast iron cooking grates that weigh a hefty 50 pounds all by itself, ensuring it delivers even heat distribution and non-stick function, all while being reversible with a flat surface on the opposite side, allowing you to turn it into a viable pizza oven. Those same grates, by the way, provide a spacious cooking area that can accommodate up to 25 burgers, so you can cook a big batch of food all in one go.


The Ferno Stand Alone Grill has a stainless steel hood shaped to accommodate large food items, allowing you to cook multiple large turkeys with the lid down at the same time. That hood is insulated, too, using a half-inch thick slab of ceramic wool to ensure it locks in heat inside the cooking chamber for as long as possible. Two removable fold-out tables on each side of the grill give you a place to hold food nearby, all while serving as work surfaces for those times you need to chop, slice, or perform some other kind of food prep.


Other features include a swing-out propane tank for easy replacements (compatible with propane and natural gas), a commercial temperature gauge (with readings from 150 degrees to 750 degrees Fahrenheit), a battery-powered burner ignition system (9V), LED lighting for night cooking (90 lumens, powered by three cell batteries), a large grease tray measuring 18 x 26 x 1 inches (width x depth x height), and four industrial-grade casters. Do note, this thing is big at 46 x 66 x 24 inches (height x width x depth) with the lid closed and heavy at 260 pounds.

Want one? The Ferno Stand Alone Grill is available now, priced at $4,800.

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