Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit Puts A 430 Scuderia In Your Living Room

Want to drive a real Ferrari? Fall in line. We all want things we can’t have. In the meantime, you can go one step closer to driving one with the Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit, an officially-licensed gaming peripheral based on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

If you’re a serious fan of racing games, there’s a good chance you’ve already got a better setup than what Thrustmaster offers here. How realistic can simulated driving get without a gated shifter and clutch pedal, after all? That’s not even mentioning the lack of force feedback support. Like everything Ferrari, half the reason you’re buying is for the brand – not that the other half is all bad.

The Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit uses a faithful replica of the steering wheel on the 430 Scuderia, complete with 12-bit precision, rubber-textured grip and that gorgeous cavallino rampante logo right in the center. Upping the ante on realism, it features metal gearshift levers, a genuine Manettino dial with 5 backlit positions and 7/10th scaling. It’s fully programmable too and can be detached during storage.

Unlike typical controllers for racing games, it comes as a fully independent cockpit. Just find yourself a seat and adjust the articulated frame (it can even fold horizontally for convenient storage) to best suit your ideal driving position. It uses metal pedals based on the actual vehicle, with a long range of travel and magnetic resistance for the brakes.

Compatible with all racing games on the PC and PS3 (both wirelessly and via USB), the Thrustmaster Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit is available for $270.