Ferris Spice Rack Shows Off Your Spices While Keeping Them Organized

When you’re serious about your spices, you need a tool equally as serious to keep them organized in the kitchen.   And the Ferris Spice Rack definitely delivers that in spades, all while looking more whimsical than many less-useful kitchen novelties.

Billed as “the ultimate spice rack,” the kitchen equipment shows off your spices as much as it stores them, using a miniature ferris wheel design that lets you rotate from one row of containers to another.  Need the mustard seeds?  Just rotate to the right row and pull out the corresponding container. Same with the paprika, the bay leaves, the powdered alien intestines or any of the fifteen different spices you can hold in the rotating slots.

The Ferris Spice Rack measures 35 x 35 x 30 cm (h x w x d), with a hand-finished bamboo frame and a rotating plastic wheel holding the five racks.  Each rack comes with three slots that fit the included spice jars, so you can flick through your selection three items at a time.  Because the jars are suspended on the rotating wheel, it doesn’t take up all that much space in the countertop either, allowing you to keep this next to a full load of tools and appliances without too much problems.

The rack doesn’t just come with the jars in tow, each of the containers come pre-filled with contents, too, so you don’t have to bother driving to the nearest grocery to get a batch of seasonings and spices.  You can choose from two sets of spices: Spice Market (a selection of 15 of the most popular spices from chili flakes to ground ginger to cinnamon sticks) and India Spice Market (a selection of spices for Indian dishes, including turmeric, cumin seeds and garam masala).

You can check out the Ferris Spice Rack  on Kitchen Pro.

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