Fidget Cube Has Switches, Buttons, And More For All Your Nervous Fidgeting Needs


We all fidget in our own way. Some people tap their fingers or play with coins, while others toss their key fobs or press the clickers on their pens. The Fidget Cube is a small toy designed to handle every single one of your fidgeting needs.

About the size of a large dice, it’s equipped with a whole slew of fidgeting-friendly mechanisms on every side, so you can click, press, slide, roll, and spin objects to your heart’s content. No more trying to find a pen, coin, or whatever else to play with during times of nail-biting stress or mind-numbing boredom – just pull this thing out of your pocket and squirm away.


The Fidget Cube measures around 4.3 inches on every side and weighs just 1.4 oz., making it small enough to drop in a pocket for bringing anywhere. One side comes with a directional thumb button that delivers the gliding action of a joystick, while another comes with a switch that you can flicker back and forth. In another side, you get three clicker buttons for replicating the spring-loaded actions of a retractable pen (complete with sound) and another two buttons doing the same thing in silence, with another side housing a disc you can spin over and over. There’s also a side with a depressed thumb rest for finger taps with extra tactile sensations, with the last one sporting three tickers and a spinning ball.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Fidget Cube. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $19.

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