Field Kitchen K120 Hides Your Primary Cooking Equipment Inside A Chest

Granted, the Field Kitchen K120 isn’t the kind of thing you’ll be bringing along to a camping trip if you’re packing light.  I mean, it looks like you’re hauling World War II ammunition with it in tow.  If you want your primary cooking equipment in a single box, however, this could be one of the nicest setups available now.

Sure, it’s a lot less portable than a suitcase fold-out kitchen.  The beauty, though, is you don’t have to carry anything extra.  The cooking stove is designed be carried along with the box, with plenty of extra storage space for other equipment you need for making meals (like a small propane tank or a container of gas).

When closed, the Field Kitchen K120 measures 19.4 x 25.4 x 15 inches and looks like a chest carrying buried treasure you lifted from the river. Well, if not for the fact that those shiny aluminum panels look brand new.  The interior is made with Baltic birch wood panels, which make it look more akin to a home kitchen when opened up.  It can be set up on a table or stood on its own using the four included legs.

The top lid is meant to either be folded back during use, doubling as an extra wind screen while cooking, or removed for use as a serving tray.  You also get two small side tables and one front table.  The top shelf should accommodate most two-burner and some three-burner stoves (although you can order it with either a  Coleman Powerhouse 414 dual-fuel or a Partner Steel propane stove), while the lower shelves commission compartmentalized space for silverware and a small pantry.

If you don’t mind carrying a metal box while walking through mud, rocks and all that outdoor stuff, you can get the Field Kitchen K120 now, with prices starting at $595.