Fieldsleeper Brings Unique Style To Your Camper Home

Sure, you can take an awesome trailer to your next backwoods getaway this summer, but why camp out like everybody else?  Stand out from the crowd of boring mobile homes with the Tonke Fieldsleeper 1, a camper that looks like a cross between an old-world train cart and the barn where your granddad keeps the horses in his farm.  Or something equally as unusual.

Designed by Marten van Soest, the camper can be loaded and unloaded onto any truck (well, any truck that will fit it) in just 10 minutes, making it possible to use the vehicle without the camper when you spend a weekend by the lake.  That way, you can make a quick run to town to buy supplies (by supplies, we mean more beer) while your family enjoys the morning sleeping in.  This also means you can leave it in the backyard at home to serve as a temporary lodging whenever the wife decides to kick you out of the house or a guest room when the in-laws come to visit, whichever the case may be.

Billed as a “storage space wonder,” the Tonke Fieldsleeper 1 features a vertical garage where you can hold bicycles and scooters (up to three bikes) for your recreational use during outdoor adventures.  On top of that, it comes with all the usual RV camper amenities, including sleeping accommodations for up to three people, a dining table with seating for four, a modestly-equipped kitchen with sink and countertop, and multiple storage areas (cabinets over the garage, a huge space for any large items under the bed, and more).  There are plenty of windows, too, so it can feel really homey inside.

Overall floor area is 182 x 85 inches for the camper alone.  Options include a hydraulic lifting system (to minimize ground distance), and wheels (so you can push it around when unloaded).

The Tonke Fieldsleeper 1 is available directly from the Tonke website.  No pricing is listed, but we’re sure you can inquire from there.

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