Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone Brings 4K 60FPS Recording, 5000-Lumen LED, And 360-Degree Omnidirectional Movement

If you’re going to use an underwater drone, you’ll want to get an ROV with the best visuals available. Not only is it very dark down in those depths, the environment can present various kinds of interference, too.  That’s why the Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone combines a high-res, high-framerate camera with a powerful lighting system, ensuring you can get a clear view of everything that crosses your ROV’s path.

According to the outfit, it’s the first diving drone to combine both a 4K 60FPS underwater camera with 360-degree omnidirectional movement, allowing it to rotate on the spot to face towards any desired direction. This means, you can perform some really nice camera movements underwater, whether you’re following marine life, inspecting an oil rig, or exploring a shipwreck, allowing you to capture smooth and dynamic underwater footage.

The Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone can record video in 4K at 60 fps at an ultrawide 166-degree field of view, so you get to see a detailed view of all those underwater sights. It combines that camera system with a pair of ultra-bright white LEDs that combine to put out a total brightness of 5,000 lumens, ensuring you can see those same sights in all their glory even through the dark and murky environment of the deep waters. An adaptive imaging system allows the camera to adjust color balance and remove noise distortion in the captured footage on the fly, allowing you to see everything in bright and vivid color, while onboard AI filters out all the marine flakes produced by plankton and bacteria for an even clearer picture.

The lens, by the way, is mounted right on the nose of the drone, so it can frame any subject it focuses on without anything in the way, making it ideal for pairing with FPV goggles for deeper immersion. Do note, this is a tethered ROV and comes with a 328-foot cable, so that’s the maximum depth the unmanned submersible can go.

The Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone is fitted with six thrusters, each one strategically angled to allow for different movements. This allows the drone to turn left, right, up, and down, as well as perform 360 rotations in pitch, roll, and yaw, so it can move in, practically, any direction, making it very maneuverable while exploring in those pressure-laden depths. Aside from operating the drone manually with the app, you can also engage a Posture Lock function that maintains the drone’s angle position while moving forwards and backwards, as well as a Vision Lock feature that lets you keep a subject securely in focus. Is it as advanced as the AI tracking on your favorite consumer flight drone? Probably not, but it should allow for some powerful functions all the same.

Specs include a top speed of three knots (around 3.5 mph), a weight of just over nine pounds, and a battery rated at up to four hours. Do note, moving around a lot means that battery life will be significantly shorter, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

The Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone is available now.

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