Fiftyten Adventure Turns Your Pickup Into A Badass Camper


We’re increasingly seeing folks turn their pickup trucks into functional campers – that spacious truck bed and all the space above it does make itself conducive to all sorts of modifications, after all. So far, every system we’ve seen works to integrate the camper into the truck bed, which, of course, makes sense. The Fiftyten Adventure Vehicle System, however, goes another route, replacing the truck bed entirely to give you a more functional living space on the road.

Why remove the truck bed? According to the outfit, having sidewalls and a hatch on there makes turning it into a living space a little more difficult than it should be, since, let’s be honest, the truck bed was intended to hold cargo, rather than to serve as the base for a camper.


The Fiftyten Adventure Vehicle System consists of three components: a tray that replaces the truck bed, a box that goes on top of the tray, and a flip-up tent that serves as the roof of the whole thing. Instead of a bed with a three side walls, the tray offers a big flat area that’s easily accessible from all three sides, with airline rails on the edges and in the center as well as T-slots all over the floor for affixing cargo. On top of the tray sits a wooden baseplate with an anti-slip cover and two water-tight boxes, while a 160-liter drawer on the backside allows you to store payloads of up to 480 pounds. All trays, by the way, can be customized to your truck’s specifications upon ordering, ensuring it can accommodate any wheelbase and fender requirements.

The box, basically, goes on top of the tray, providing the necessary sidewalls and roof to turn it into a functional shelter. More importantly, the box can be mounted on and off in minutes, allowing you to switch between camper and regular pickup without much work. It has a huge door on each side measuring 34.4 x 24 feet (width x height), allowing you to load large cargo easily, as well as a smaller rear hatch sized to make it easy for people to come and go. For loading even more cargo, there are airline rails in the roof where you can strap down stuff when you decide to take off without using the tent.


The Fiftyten Adventure Vehicle System’s tent stacks right on top of the box, with its 3.15-inch thick mattress and lath floor providing a comfortable surface to sleep in. Like the box, it has airline rails on the roof, allowing you to strap down additional cargo that won’t quite fit inside. Optional elements include a 220-volt battery-based power system, a water tank with built-in pump, and a host of custom interior options, including tables, sinks, and all sorts of storage units. All doors and openings in the box and tent, by the way, can be secured with an integrated lock, all of which can be opened with the same key to help keep things simple.


Want one? The Fiftyten Adventure Vehicle System is priced starting at $23,000.

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