Figo Chaise Lounge: Adults Can Have Cool Futons, Too

Futons and novelty bean bags have been a staple of young people’s living spaces for the longest time.  Futons in particular, take up minimal space, provide decent comfort and serve both seating and bedding duties capably.  When you grow up, futons become nothing more than distant memories of a past life — back when you didn’t have money, lived in a cramped box and considered ramen noodles the central component of your diet.  Ahhh, adulthood.  If you miss futons but can’t justify being a grown-up with one, the Figo Futon Chaise Lounge might change your mind.

A combo chaise lounge and low bed, it’s the perfect futon for the mancave you’re putting together in the spare room.  For chilling out, it provides a long reclining chair for ergonomically supporting your entire body while you munch on nachos, down a couple of beers, and attempt to read that dense economics book (because adults read dense economics books, duh) for the fifth time.  And when you drink one too many beers to make it to the bedroom without peeing yourself, you can simply lay the whole thing down flat to catch a nap and regain your wits.  Plus, it makes for a perfect emergency bed for when guests come over unexpectedly.

The Figo Futon Chaise Lounge comes with a sturdy wenge frame that can go from lounge to bed platform with just a little adjustment.   Sized to hold one, the mattress is thick, fluffy and fire-retardant, with an accompanying neck cushion that doubles as an elevated pillow in bed mode.   Mattress comes in ten different colors, including bold and lively colors, so you can choose one to fit the mood of your own digs.

Of course, an adult futon will carry a similarly adult price tag — the Figo Futon Chaise Lounge retails for $549.

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