Fiido Titan Ebike Keeps You Powered On The Road For Up To 248 Miles

How far can an ebike take you? For most people, the answer would probably be “far enough.” Ebikes are a great option for commuting, running errands around town, and even for exploring the trails on two wheels. However, you might not want to wander too far away from base camp, since ebikes and their smaller batteries on off-road trails tend to be saddled with limited range. The Fiido Titan changes that.

Most ebikes let you ride around with power assist for around 40 or 50 miles. More advanced models can get you 80 or 90, which should be enough to keep you out and about for a good chunk of the day. This one, on the other hand, gives you a whopping 400 kilometers (248 miles), allowing you to ride as long and hard as you want without worrying about having juice left in the tank.

The Fiido Titan achieves this mileage by using a trio of batteries to supply it with a continuous stream of power. There’s a 696Wh battery hidden inside the downtube, which, on its own, can provide a maximum 84 miles of range, although they also offer optional battery racks in the rear (one on the left, one on the right), which can be equipped with two extender batteries to achieve the full 248-mile range. Do note, the rack is meant strictly for battery storage, so you’ll have to manually swap them into the downtube slot once the current battery is depleted.

The ebike runs on a 750W rear hub motor with a torque sensor at the bottom bracket, which allows it to run at an electronically-limited speed of up to 15.5 mph. If you want to go faster, the motor can be uncapped, which will allow it to hit speeds of up to 28 mph. According to the outfit, it comes with a nine-speed gearset, five levels of pedal assist, and a custom algorithm that’s tuned for cargo bikes.

Despite the tuning, the Fiido Titan isn’t technically a cargo bike. Instead, it’s designed as an off-roading ebike, complete with four-inch wide fat tires, 26-inch one-piece rims, and a hydraulic suspension fork with 60mm of travel. The outfit actually claims it’s rigged to ensure a comfortable ride in meadows, dirt, mud, shallow water, and even snow. We’re assuming the decision to add extra batteries is a direct result of the electric bicycle’s off-roading nature – you’ll need all the power you can have on tap in the backcountry, after all. Additionally, it has a pretty spacious rack in the rear, so you can load up on heavy gear, with the entire ride rated to support payloads of up to 440 pounds.

A full-color IPS display mounted on the middle of the handlebar shows you detailed information in real time, with backlit control buttons sitting under it for various functions. Other features include a companion app for keyless smart control, four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, LED headlight and taillight, a Velo comfort saddle, and a weight of 83 pounds.

The Fiido Titan is available now, priced starting at $1,699 for a single-battery model and $2,397 for its triple battery counterpart.

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