Filter Coin Trick Shows You How To Push Coins Through A Drinking Glass

There was a time when all you needed was card tricks to meet girls at a party.  Somehow, that got played out and all you get are jeers every time you try to pull off another one of those tricks you learned from the magic shop at the mall.  If you’re looking for something fresh to revive your sleight-of-hand kickassery, you might want to get your hands on the Filter Coin Trick.

Created by magician Rick Lax, the trick has you passing coins through a glass  .  Not only do the coins go through in plain view, but they do them audibly, too, effectively heightening the effect on the audience.

In the Filter Coin Trick, you first put three coins into a glass.  Then, you remove one and put it back through the side of the glass with a flick of the wrist, sending the coin flying straight through the drinking vessel.  You can do the trick over and over, continually baffling spectators about how its done.  According to the product page, the routine involves no gimmicks, no extra coins and no trick glass.  In fact, they’ll even show you how to do it using Starbucks cups and coffee mugs.

The main routine involves three phases, with two alternative phases that you can employ as needed. They teach with videos spanning over an hour long collectively, which shows multiple handlings and bonus content.

Want to learn it?  You can order the Filter Coin Trick routine from Theory 11 for just $19.95.

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