FilzFelt’s Link Uses Hexagonal Modules To Let You Design Your Own Hanging Dividers


Just like other hanging dividers, the FilzFelt Link is designed to separate sections of a room, all while injecting pleasant aesthetics to help complement the existing interior. Except, it’s also customizable and modular, allowing you to create a division that adds the right amount of texture, color, and opacity to any space.

Made up of a series of hexagonal modules that attach to each other on any side using a simple tab and slot design, you can use it to create exactly the right kind of customized divider to accommodate your acoustic, light entry, and aesthetic needs. Even better, you can take the assembly down any time and rebuild them into something new, so you can easily change the look and feel of a space using the exact same divider.


The FilzFelt Link consists of five varieties of hexagonal modules all made from 3mm-thick wool felt: one that’s solid and four bearing different types of perforations, so you can use the divider to seal the section completely or leave some openings for light and sound to get through. The perforations, of course, work great for adding patterns onto the divider, although the felt construction does allow you to cut through them to fashion your own patterns. All the modules, which are available in 63 different colors, are designed to work with the accompanying headers, which serve as the ceiling or beam fixtures you can suspend the modules from.


Available now, FilzFelt Link is priced at $3 apiece, with the headers priced at $25 each.

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