Finally…Ice Trays That Don’t Spill The Ice!

ice_orb_bucketDesigned by heavy duty thinkers that have – for years – labored over the idea that Ice Cubes didn’t have to spill all over the floor and melt whenever you dumped them out of the tray, comes the Ice Orb Icemaker.This state-of-the-art ice tray allows you to fill the oval shaped panels with water, freeze in your standard freezer, and remove the finished product without spilling any.

In fact, when you remove the ice from their little oval molds they will fall into a little bucket that makes it a snap to reach in and grab some ice.Plus, the oval shape of the cubes will make your guests take a second look at the coolest (no pun intended here) ice cubes that they have ever seen.Another nice feature of the Ice Orb Icemaker is the ability to leave the ice cubes in their little oval molds, and put a bottle of wine in the bucket to chill.


We think you should make up a new name for your ice however, since ice cubes don’t really apply anymore. You can choose whatever name you want – ice orbs, ice balls, ice circle thingees – totally up to you.

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