Finger Dance Alarm Clock Wakes You Up To Dance Dance Revolution


Just like Shape Up (which we featured a couple days ago), the Finger Dance Alarm Clock offers to wake you up while providing a more difficult mechanism for turning it off.  Instead of rousing you into consciousness by some form of exercise, though, it performs the deed by compelling you to play a round of Dance Dance Revolution with your fingers.

Instead of being able to hit snooze when you want to sleep a little longer, the Finger Dance requires you to run through a programmed sequence of tapping motions that simulate the way you used to jam to DDR back in the day (unless you still do, of course).  There’s no single set sequence either (it varies randomly), which means you’ll really have to look at the “dance pad” and follow the instructions.

If you can’t muster the sense to perform the motions so early in the morning, your only other choice is to sleep through the noise (which I guess isn’t so bad if you’re really sleepy).  I’m pretty sure you can also just find the battery panel and pull it out – which should be easier than having to exercise your Tap Tap Revenge skills.

The part-alarm clock, part-torture implement sports the classic DDR design that decked many gamers’ living rooms not too long ago.  It integrates a backlit-digital timepiece to go with the alarm features.  The product is currently on sale as an OEM device for a minimum of six per order (a good idea for retail as well since you’ll probably want to break it if you can’t follow the dance steps).  Price is £9.99 ($16).

[Thumbs Up UK via Oh Gizmo]