Finger Feet: Who Would’ve Thought Putting Tiny Feet On Your Fingers Can Be This Hilarious?


When Archie McPhee came out with those Finger Hands finger puppets, it looked like the creepiest things ever. So when I heard they’re coming out with a foot version, I imagined the same thing. Except, it isn’t. In fact, these Finger Feet just might be the most awesome finger puppets ever.

There’s nothing complicated about it – just a pair of tiny feet that are sized to fit in your index and middle fingers. That’s it. While that sounds boring, these pictures sure suggest differently. I mean, you can fill an entire Instagram account with these images and they’re still going to be hilarious.


The Finger Feet are made from soft vinyl, so they should be perfectly comfortable even when worn on your fingers all day. They come with detailed foot elements, complete with a full set of toes, allowing them to effectively turn your fingers into miniature legs. I mean, once equipped, you fingers just look frighteningly like tiny lower bodies, making them equal parts creepy and a whole lot of fun to play with. Each one measures two inches long, with an opening that should stretch to accommodate most any finger size. It comes with in sets of two: one left foot and one right foot, although you can always combine two left feet to turn your fingers into a terrible dancer.


Available now, the Finger Feet are priced at $3.95 a pair.

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