Finger Hands Are Creepy And Funny At The Same Time

The Man Hands, which makes smaller hands look like they belong to a giant lumberjack, is all manners of funny.  These Finger Hands, on the other hand, while just as funny, is also all manners of terrifying.  Like it came straight out of a demented horror movie.

You know how finger puppets can be funny and, so, you assume putting hands on the tips of your fingers will look just as hilarious?  Well, it doesn’t.  I mean, look at the darn things.  Can you imagine how freaky it will be if those fingers can also move?  Yikes.

The Finger Hands are finger puppets done up to look like tiny hands.  Made from soft vinyl, it can stretch to accommodate all finger sizes, so you can wear them on the chubbiest thumbs and the smallest pinkies.  Each one, which measures 2.75 inches tall, is made to look like a right hand, so if you put them on your left hand, it could raise the weirdness factor by just a bit.  Not that isn’t weird enough as it is.  Because, it really is.

The product page suggests using it to give people a “high twenty-five,” although your horrifying right-handed fingers will probably freak them out before they even figure out the joke.  Well, that actually sounds fun, so might as well try it.  While designed for wearing on fingers, this will probably fit a whole load of other things, like ballpens, thumb drives, and more, so you can lend the weirdness to some of your other gear.

Available now, the Finger Hands is priced at $4.95 for a set of five.

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