Fingernails2Go Can Print Art On Your Fingernails In Seconds


Getting nail art painted on two hands usually takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. That’s not bad, although it’s not exactly super-convenient either. Fingernails2Go is an upcoming kiosk that cuts down that application time to just a few minutes.

Made by Tensator Technology Center, the kiosk automatically paints any design of your choosing directly on your nails, removing the long minutes of sitting that getting nail art usually requires.   It will bear the same quality as manually-applied nail art, too, so you’re not sacrificing any quality for the added convenience.


Fingernails2Go consists of an upright cabinet with an onboard display where you will choose the nail art image and a designated slot for inserting your hand. An integrated HP thermal inkjet printer does the work of applying the actual image using a specially-formulated ink that meets both FDA and EU health standards. The process isn’t entirely automated and unsupervised, though. Instead, the kiosk will always have an employee on hand, whose job is to prep and finish your nails. Before you actually get the nail art, the attendant will first give your fingernails a base coat and a primer to both protect the nails and ensure the image adheres properly. Only at that point do you actually use the machine.

After printing, the same attendant will apply a topcoat of clear varnish to your nail, in order to protect the printed image. The actual printing of the nail art only takes one second per hand, although the primer and finishing will probably stretch the process to a few minutes. Alternatively, customers can use the kiosk to print artificial nail art, which they can take home to apply themselves.

Pricing on the Fingernails2Go is set at £1.50 for a single fingernail, £10 for all 10 fingernails, and £12.50 for a set of ten artificial nails.

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