These Fire Extinguishers May Actually Complement Your Home Decor

If you’re smart, you’d keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible around the house.  After all, you never know when your dog will spontaneously combust or when an alien  pod will crash on your roof, setting your entire house in flames.  Except those plain jane fire extinguishers really make for an unsightly fixture, laying waste to all the work you put in decorating your digs.  Not so with these jazzed-up asphyxiators from Fire Design.

Instead of shipping the fire extinguishers in hum-drum standard colors, the company dresses them up with bold and colorful graphics that make them as much a decorative piece as a utilitarian device.  They’re fully functional handheld fire killers, too, so they’ll work just like those ugly industrial-looking rigs that people usually associate fire extinguishers with.

Fire Design’s fire extinguishers come in shells decked with a wide variety of graphic designs, from smiley heads to 8-bit video game graphics to strange abstract crap.  They even have cases dolled up to look like wine bottles (complete with a wooden box container) and shiny ones that make the things look like luxury accessories.  Suffice to say, there’s plenty to choose from, so you won’t have to settle on anything that doesn’t play nice with your home’s décor.

Pricing for the units range from $115 to just under $300, depending on the kinds of designs the case comes with.  They’re available directly from the Fire Design website (in French, though).

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