Retired Fire Hoses Find Second Life As Stylish Belt

Granted, the Fire Hose Belt looks just like any ordinary waist-strap you can find at any men’s accessories rack.  It is likely to have a richer history than most of them, though, having once lived the life of a fireman’s trusted instrument.

Handmade by Lori Burley (who, coincidentally, happens to be a married to a firefighter), the belts are sourced from the exterior canvas material of discarded fire hoses.  Cut up, cleaned up and separated from the interior rubber lining, the fabrics are then fashioned into buckled bands that keep your WTF Jeans from falling down your ankles.

Each Fire Hose Belt measures 1.5-inches wide and uses white canvas with black lining.  Since the canvas is salvaged out of real throwaway fire hoses, every item comes with unique nicks and distress marks (don’t worry, she makes sure they’re all perfectly usable).  The buckle, studs and other metal parts are made from nickel.

Uncommon Goods has the Fire Hose Belt in three sizes — small, medium and large.  The longest one supports a maximum 41-inch waist, so if you’re a sumo wrestling aspirant, you’re out of luck.  Then again, what are you going to do with a belt when you have nothing but a folded piece of cloth covering your man parts all day?

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