Need A Better Frying Pan During Camping? The Firebox Ultra Cook Kit Has You Covered


There’s a healthy amount of options for compact camping stoves, with brands like Biolite, Survival Stove, and Jetboil offering really good models. Now, if only you have equally good compact cookware to go with your portable stove. Well, that’s what the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit hopes to bring to your outdoor stash.

A set of pans and plates, the kit comes with elements all designed specifically for use when camping. That means, they’re compact, hardy, and designed to withstand the elements, so you can feast like proper civilized folks even while slumming it in the wild.


The Firebox Ultra Cook Kit consists of six main items: an 8-inch frypan, a 10-inch frypan, an 8-inch camp plate, a 10-inch camp plate, an 8-inch cowboy plate, and a 10-inch cowboy plate. If you’re curious about the differences with the plates, the camp plate is shallow (half an inch deep) while the cowboy plate has some depth (1.5 inches), allowing you to eat soupy stuff on it without making a mess.  The cowboy plates, by the way, can nest inside the frypans, while the plates can nest inside the cowboy plates, so they don’t need to take up more space than they have to, whether in your bag, around camp, or in a cabinet at home.

Neither the pans nor the plates have any built-in handles, allowing them to pack down very compact when sitting in your bag. Instead, the kit comes with a pliers-like tool they’re calling a lifter, which you can use to clip the pans and plates securely along the edges in order to lift them without having to touch them while they’re still hot. The lifter, by the way, comes in two sizes: regular and long, with the regular coming standard with the kit (the long is optional). And yes, you can use the lifter to pick up any stuff that you cook with outdoors (like cans and metal bottles), making it a very useful tool around camp.


The Firebox Ultra Cook Kit’s frypans are made from aluminum that’s coated with a ceramic layer, which, according to the outfit, allows you to season it the same way you would a cast iron pan. And yes, you will have to season it before using it the first time and they include instructions in the kit on how to do just that. For the extra hassle, though, they promise the seasoning will impart an added taste to your food that makes it taste like it was cooked on a cast iron material.

Weirdly enough, the plates are made from the same material, which allows you to use as them as cookware, too, although it does mean you’re carrying plates that are way heavier than the plastic ones you have in the kitchen. Oh yeah, don’t forget to season the plates, in case you want to use them for cooking, too, since the finish, apparently, requires it.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit. Pledges to reserve a unit start at $49.

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