FireDisc Shallow GWOK Is A Propane-Powered Griddle For Cooking Outdoors


We’re big fans of FireDisc and their propane-heated “wok,” which allows you to cook a whole lot of dishes while slumming it in the wild. Their latest, the FireDisc Shallow GWOK, ditches the deep wok in favor of a griddle-style cooking surface, allowing you to fry, saute, and grill dishes while packing in a lighter, more compact bundle.

Using a shallow disc in place of the original’s 5-gallon wok, it removes the ability to cook sauces and boil water, although the assembly should pack in a much tighter manner. That means, it might not be ideal for camping (where boiling water will be necessary), but it should work great for tailgating, beach parties, and other outdoor cookouts.


The FireDisc Shallow GWOK comes in two disc sizes: 36 inches and 24 inches. That’s a lot of room to cook a lot of food, so you can make big meals with this thing. Designed for convenient transport, it collapses into a flat, three-piece ensemble for throwing in a bag, all while assembling into a solid, stable, and easy-to-use cooking tool without using any screws, bolts, or fastening hardware. To use, simply hook it up to a propane tank (it should work with any size) to heat up the disc plate and get to work.


Features include a powder-coated cooking surface that can handle heat up to 450 degrees, ultra-high carbon steel construction, and a stand that can adapt to uneven surfaces. It comes in two colors: red and black.

Available now, the FireDisc Shallow GWOK is priced at $279 for the 24-inch model and $299.99 for the 36-inch model.

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