This Briefcase-Like Bag Can Shield Your Valuables From 1,200-Fahrenheit Heat


If you have valuable documents at home or in the office, keeping them in a fire safe is a smart way of making sure they remain intact no matter what disasters show up in your area. Sure, throw it in a safe larger safe with a stronger lock if that makes you feel better, but best make sure it’s covered in a shell that can withstand direct contact with burning flames. Something like the Fireproof Safe Bag from FirePRUF.

An alternative to fire safes, the bag can keep its valuable contents safe from raging fire without the boxy profiles of traditional safes and chests. This makes it just as effective at protecting your valuables in the event of fires, all while being easy to grab and carry in one hand when making your way out to safety.


The Fireproof Safe Bag is a small briefcase that measures 15 x 11 x 3 inches (width x height x depth), making it small enough to tuck in a locked drawer, hide in a larger safe, or stash in the boot of your car. It’s made with a fiberglass core that’s coated on both sides with high-grade silicone, then covered with a thick fire-resistant fabric that’s stitched using a durable Kevlar thread (yep, the same kind they use in bulletproof and cut-resistant materials) to ensure it doesn’t fall apart at the seams.

It’s certified to withstand temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 60 minutes, even withstanding up to 1,200 degrees albeit for shorter periods. That means, you can throw the darn thing in a wood fire pizza oven without burning its contents to a crisp. We know, there’s seemingly no good reason to throw a bag in a flaming oven, but it sure seems like a viable way to test if your fireproof case can keep valuable documents safe from common household fires.


The Fireproof Safe Bag has a zippered closure on top, underneath a lid held in place by a generous Velcro lining. The lid, of course, is made with two layers of the same fire-resistant material as the rest of the bag, so the top opening doesn’t provide a potential entry point for the flames to enter. Suffice to say, the bag is duly reinforced at all potential weak spots, ensuring every corner of the bag can hold up in unison, buying you the necessary time to retrieve the bag in the event that it’s caught in the center of a fire.

Because it looks like an ordinary bag instead of a reinforced safe, the case can be taken anywhere safely, as there’s no indication it holds anything of value. That makes it useful when evacuating the house whether because of fire or some natural disaster, as it will attract no unwanted attention the way traditional fire safes would. It comes with a carry handle on top, as well as a removable shoulder strap for carrying like a traditional messenger bag.

Want one? The Fireproof Safe Bag is available now.

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