Build Your Own Light Show For The Ages With This Fireworks Simulator


If I become a superhero, I want my ability to be unleashing a live fireworks show right out of my hands. Bad guys chasing after me? Enthrall them with a live fireworks show to stall them as I escape. City in a panic? Put on a spellbinding fireworks show to draw people’s attention and restore the peace in their hearts. Aliens attacking the planet? Greet the extra-terrestrials with a live fireworks display that will hypnotize them into crashing their ships into the barren desert. In the meantime, I’ll just imagine having superpowers with this awesome Fireworks Simulator.

A sandbox simulation PC game for Windows, it lets you create authentic firework shows right from the comfort of your desk. Whether you want to recreate the awesome light show you saw at the Fourth of July celebrations, design a fireworks display to show on the backyard TV for a party, or just geek out on pyrotechnics without actually handling dangerous explosives, this thing will do the trick.


The Fireworks Simulator comes with 100 ground and aerial fireworks, along with 30 launch racks, all based on real pyrotechnics from WECO, one of the biggest fireworks companies in Europe. You get full control of all the explosives, allowing you to configure, position, and ignite category four professional effects, just like you would do if you were an actual pyrotechnician planning and managing a light show for the ages. Actually, this is probably better, since you won’t be constrained by budget or schedule concerns, allowing you to build as grand a display as your imagination can muster.


Available now, the Fireworks Simulator retails for $9.99.

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