A Fish-Catching RC Boat For Really Lazy Fishermen


Remember when someone turned an RC boat into a tow boat for wakeboarding? Well, once you get hungry from all that recreational water sport, turns out you can also use another RC boat to catch yourself some dinner with this Fish-Catching RC Boat.

Like other radio-controlled toy watercrafts, the boat can go forwards, backwards, and turn to either side while on water, allowing you to easily troll an area where you saw plenty of fish going about their business earlier in the day. Unlike them, it comes fitted with fishing gear that allows it to dangle a bait, tempting hungry fish to take a bite and unwittingly surrender themselves to your dinner plate.


The Fish-Catching RC Boat measures 17.5 inches long, with enough strength to tow fish weighing up to two pounds straight back to shore. To use, simply secure the pre-rigged tackle (hook, snap swivel, 150-feet of nylon test line, and slip bobber) to the fake boat engine in the rear, maneuver it to your fishing area of choice and wait. Once you see the bobber indicate a bite, simply send the boat pushing forward to set the hook and maneuver it back to shore. Set includes a 44-foot long telescoping grapple that you can use to fetch both the boat and its catch in one fell swoop, two extra tackle rigs, three extra bobbers, and an extra 30 feet of line.


Available now to support your laziest fishing adventures, the Fish-Catching RC Boat is priced at $69.95.

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