Don’t You Think Your Fish Deserve Their Own Labyrinth Aquarium?

You can dress your aquarium with as many marine decorations as you want.  But it’s still just a glass box that will fade in the background of this eye-catching Labyrinth Aquarium.

Clad in a unique design, the freshwater fish tank features individually-decorated bowls that are interconnected by glass tubes, so your guppies and tetras can swim to a different hang-out once they get bored of their usual bowl.  Plus, it looks like you built an aquarium out of oversized bongs, which should impress all the drunk chicks you bring home from the bar.

The Labyrinth Aquarium is made from Lucite acrylic, a transparent thermoplastic that’s more resistant to shattering than glass, making it a safe display to put up anywhere in the house.  You get six individual bowls, each with two tubes that allow your fish to swim into other bowls, hoisted atop powder-coated aluminum legs.

All gravel and silk plants are included with the purchase, along with three donut-shaped lights (with programmable timer plugs) that go hidden underneath the black central hoods.  Filters, air pumps and cleaning equipment are included as well, most parts of which hide under the bottom bowls and the optional dedicated tables.

If you’ve been hankering for something different to house your pet piranhas in, few options out there will look more spectacular than the Labyrinth Aquarium.  We’re not sure how you’re supposed to clean this thing, but it’s so awesome, it should be worth the trouble figuring out.  Price is steep, though, at $6,500 with the table included and $5,500 without it.

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