Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors Look Practical And Awesome

Until we come up with cheap and pocket-sized all-purpose laser cutters, scissors will remain a valuable part of everyone’s lives.  And when it comes to scissors, there should be few that can rival the Fiskars Cuts+More.

While there are better tools for different jobs, scissors have been everyone’s default implement for any type of cutting duties.  From paper to fabric to wires to twines to food — when you need something snipped, you grab any random scissor and make do with it.  Sometimes, to dismal results.

The Fiskar Cuts+More takes pride in the fact that, regardless of your cutting needs, it can actually perform the job capably.  Armed with a high-quality blades (one stainless steel and one titanium), it should easily cut through most materials you can expect to encounter in homes, gardens and offices.   Even better, it’s got provisions for different specialty cutting needs: a notch on one handle acts a wire cutter, another notch on the opposite side can shear twine, a power notch sits near the base of the blade for cutting rope and a pointed awl tip lets you pierce holes.   There’s even a bottle opener thrown in for good measure.

It comes with a cover that packs a couple of tricks on its own: a scissor sharpener on one side and a tape cutter on the other.  Plus, the 9-inch long scissor can be quickly disassembled, with the titanium part able to act as a knife with a matching grip handle.

Granted, the Fiskars Cuts+More doesn’t have the most awesome name.  The versatile utility, however, more than makes up for the failed attempt at a clever moniker.  It’s available now, with lifetime warranty, for only $19.99.

[Cuts+More via Core77]