Fiskars Easy-Pour Uses A Slight Tweak To Make The Watering Can More Efficient

Sometimes, the coolest designs are the simplest ones.  That’s definitely the case with the Easy-Pour, a watering can that improves on the home gardening staple using a very simple upgrade: they merely added a second handle.

Brought to life by the brilliant design folks at Fiskars, the updated gardening tool allows you to water your plants using a variety of hand positions.  That way, you can spread the load efficiently, allowing you to carry heavier cans for fewer trips back to the tap.

The Easy-Pour is a heavy-duty watering can with a 2.6-gallon capacity and a hard plastic body.  Like regular watering cans, it has a fixed handle running parallel to the body; unlike them, it bears a second one perpendicular to the first, which you can use to hold the can up at a variety of angles while watering your rows of pots by the window.  Even better, that second handle is hinged, allowing it to rotate for an even greater range of control.

Fiskars also included a rotating spout, so you can switch between a gentle shower and a steady stream of water as needed.  Because of the handles getting in the way, they put the filling hole along the side (having it on top, like usual, would have rendered the mouth inaccessible when replenishing the contents from a faucet).

If you use a watering can around the house, this could very well be the gardening efficiency upgrade you’ve been waiting for.  The Easy-Pour Watering Can is available now, priced at $19.99.

[Fiskars via Core77]