Fitly Is A Backpack You Can Wear When Running


Carrying a backpack when running is usually a bad idea, which is why most people use belt-style pockets to hold their valuables. But what if the backpack is small, light, and designed to stay in place with every stride? That’s exactly what you get with Fitly, a backpack for runners.

Billed as a “minimalist running pack,” the bag is designed with biomechanics in mind, ensuring it can carry your valuables without getting in the way of your performance while you run. Whether you’re doing a light jog around the city, a brisk run to make it home in time to go to work, or a serious training session on the trail, this thing lets you carry your personal belongings without impeding your run in any way.


Fitly is a small backpack that’s designed to carry essentials and not much else. It has a main zippered pocket sized with a bounce-proof smartphone sleeve inside (you can probably fit a folded tee along with the phone), two small zippered pockets (for keys, cards, and multi-tools), a hidden side pocket (that can also fit smartphones and wallets), and two small pockets that can carry small water bottles. Basically, just the stuff you will need to bring on the run. Oh yeah, the main compartment and smartphone sleeve comes with cable slots, so you can use wired headphones while you run.

It has shoulder straps designed to wear in an X-shape that, according to the outfit, enables a snug fit while creating optimal weight distribution. To help keep it steady while you’re on the move, it comes with a thoracic belt that straps right under the chest. Equipped with a gentle stretch, it’s able to lock the bag into place, eliminating that bouncing motion bags usually make when you run completely. The two small pockets are positioned right on that belt, by the way, making them easy to access at all times, while an magnetic fastener system allows you to adjust the belt without having to stop a run.


Constructed from military-grade Cordura, Fitly is highly puncture-resistant, ensuring it won’t be easily damaged even if you wear it in the trail. It’s also water-resistant, so you can keep electronics in the bag without having to worry every time it rains. The back of the main compartment (the one touching your back) is made from a wicking fabric, so you can sweat as much as you want without drenching the bag. Oh yeah, it’s odor-resistant, too, so it will never develop nasty smells even if you rarely wash the bag.


All zipper tabs on the bag are designed to stay in place, so they won’t be jumping up and down in sync with your running motion, while reflective sections on various parts of the bag should help keep you visible when running at night. There’s also a two-inch long webbing that you can use to attach a light if you prefer something more visible than reflective paint. They even threw in a mini-whistle in the front pocket, just in case of emergencies. It comes in gray with one of three color accents, namely blue, black, or green.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Fitly. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $69.

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